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Sponsor: Ministry of Trade and Industry

Period of Consultations: Mon December 04, 2023 to Fri May 31, 2024

In exercise of the power conferred on the Minister responsible for Trade by section 12 and paragraph (a) of section 13 of the Export and Import Act, 1995 (Act 503).

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has taken proactive measures to address the import bill and improve the country's balance of payment situation. As part of these efforts, a framework of import regulation has been developed to enable domestic companies to expand and sustain the production of selected products. To support this initiative an L.I (Legislative Instrument) on Export and Import (Restriction on the Importation of Selected Strategic Products) Regulation, 2023 has been drafted.
The purpose of this regulation is to establish an import-permitting regime that can be used as a mechanism to regulate the quantities or volumes of Selected Strategic Products that would be allowed to be imported into the country.
The aim of this regulation is to protect local manufacturers from undue competition from subsidized imported products and create a market opportunity to support their growth and sustainability.

Key Provisions / Thematic Areas

The purpose of these Regulations is to 
(a) establish a special import management mechanism for regulating and monitoring the importation, for commercial purposes, of the selected strategic products set out in the First Schedule, for the economic development of the country;
(b) streamline and rationalise the import bill of the country to improve balance of payments and economic stabilisation; and
(c) provide measures to conserve foreign exchange, safeguard critical imports and contribute to sustainable consumption. 


We invite you to kindly bring forth your much needed comments, inputs and/or recommendations in view of helping shape this draft Bill.
Alternatively, if you have no objection, kindly confirm in writing.

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